NGCI: Next Generation Communication Interoperability

Full Body Airbag


Description:  The iGel full-body airbag suit is a "hedgehog-inspired" full-body airbag that "would use up to 20 individual nitrogen-activated airbags to protect the head, torso and lower body." The developer proposes "the actuation of the system pushing the torso and lower body into a fetal-style ball, further helping to mitigate against injury. [. . .] Like other airbag systems, the iGel would use a series of microelectromechanical system smart sensors to detect crash-level forces and automatically inflate around the wearer.” The developer is also exploring "using long-distance sensors like radar and supersonic sensors to equip the suit with the ability to sense a crash ahead of time, similar to how automakers use such sensors to prevent crashes during adaptive cruise control operation and other semi-autonomous operations."

Law Enforcement
Bomb Squad