NGCI: Next Generation Communication Interoperability

Future Emergency Response Scenarios


Creating scenarios that can help to focus interoperability needs and requirements is an important step for discussing what emerging trends, needs, and impact areas will be relevant for the Homeland Security Enterprise over the next few decades. To explore the use of scenarios for examining what is necessary for communications in the future, NGCI gathered international representatives from the practitioner community, national laboratory researchers, academic experts, and government leaders in late 2012 to discuss current challenges and opportunities within scenario development.

This meeting summary highlights best practices shared by participants including insights such as ensuring scenarios are mission critical, actionable, inclusive of real estimates of future technologies, and tied to specific objectives. Overall, one major lesson learned discussed amongst the group was the role of video and visuals in scenario development and how that approach can be more effective than large documents explaining the scenario.

Questions for the Community: 
Do we work the scenarios to project the future or do we want them to drive the future?
What are the best methods for engaging first responders?
What are the most important factors for scenario development?
Can we create realistic specifications for capacity, density, networks, etc. for 2025, 2030 that can inform scenario development?


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