NGCI: Next Generation Communication Interoperability

Next-Generation Hardware and Equipment


Building off of new pervasive or ever-present devices, an augmented reality offers the ability to integrate or overlay virtual information in the physical world. Mobile device communication is enabled through lightning-speed 4G or 5G networks. When these networks are unavailable, radio signals can be used, and one day they may be able to transmit text or video streaming in addition to voice. However, video streaming will only be useful if it is convenient for users to use.

Back in command central, high-resolution wall-sized displays promote situational awareness while also providing a communications portal across a shared workspace. Advances in the glass industry suggest that a seamless and pressure-sensitive multi-touch wall display may be possible in the not-so-distant future.

These technological advances in hardware and equipment will ensure rapid communication and enhanced analytics for emergency management in the years to come.

Questions for the Community: 
Which areas of hardware and equipment do you think need the most improvement?
How frequently are handheld devices (e.g. phones, tablets) used for work?


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