NGCI: Next Generation Communication Interoperability

Trust and Privacy


In the post Katrina era, it is critical that protocols are in place that protect the privacy and security of the public, while allowing those in the emergency management community to access and protect the information they require to complete their mission. This can become a challenge as time-pressures, general stress, and security associated with big data are taken into account.

Citizen privacy must be preserved. This relates to the security of big data in that sensitive information should not be leaked.

When dealing with sensitive information, that information should only be accessed by the appropriate persons with appropriate privileges. However, those persons should be able to easily access that information. This challenge is a balancing act between security and ease of access. For example, while having one password with associated access rights and restrictions minimizes the number of "hoops" to jump through, it decreases the level of security. Alternative user authentication techniques include biometrics, image selection, and pressurized PIN input.


Questions for the Community: 
What are your biggest concerns surrounding trust and/or privacy?


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